Why you can not cure AIDS?


At present there is no treatment capable of permanently eliminating the acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in an infected individual, however there are many advances that over time have given way to a better quality of life for those who suffer

Thanks to the work of researchers and why not governments around the world for their contribution to science, today there are treatments with antiretrovirals that manage to numb HIV, allowing to a greater or lesser extent to increase survival and quality of life

In this way, which for many has been very long, in the incessant search for HIV characteristics that make them vulnerable to new drugs, a group of researchers seems to have found “the weak point of HIV, no doubt a great step forward in finding against this virus that over the years has ended with many lives and that continues to kill many more not only counting those infected people but also the family circle of each of them, who somehow just died in life together With your relatives or friends.

Taking into account the advances of science and intelligence of the human being in the face of different challenges that different historical figures have faced in life because of their scope, many of us wonder why it has not been possible to develop a definitive cure for this evil, Well, if you are one of these people with these questions, here is a brief description of why it has not been achieved.

The main difficulty in achieving the cure of AIDS is the impressive resistance and adaptability of HIV. This virus is a "very versatile survivor", capable of modifying its biological properties through mutations that allow it to adapt to any combination of drugs used to date.

Thus, although it has been possible to develop antiretrovirals that manage to numb HIV, allowing to a greater or lesser extent to increase the survival and quality of life of seropositive individuals, a total extermination has not been achieved, because as mentioned above, This virus is so powerful that it ends with time adapting to these drugs by learning to live with them.

However, new studies work on its weak point in order to end this disease, eliminating the protective shield that protects it by means of a drug.

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