What is cryptosporidiosis

Cryptosporidiosis is one of the many diseases caused by parasites, which in this case relates meals, especially contaminated water, these being the means of transmission of the parasite causing such disease in the human body.


Its emergence occurred in the year of 1972 with the first case of cryptosporidiosis reported, becoming since then one of the most common pathogens in the world, meaning an intestinal infection of minimal complexity if the contractor presents a competent immune system.

That transmits it
As mentioned above, the disease of cryptosporidiosis is transmitted by means of contaminated food or water, specifically that which contracts in some way or is fecal matter of animals, being ingested in the food diet, where the parasite present in the feces is introduced through the mouth into the human body.

Other means of contagion are also the hands, being possible to contract the parasite due to inadequate hygiene in terms of effective hand washing, while it can happen to touch the mouth with contaminated hands, as it is also possible to acquire the disease through sexual intercourse between infected people through oral or anal sex.

Among the most common symptoms that cryptosporidiosis can present in a healthy person we can find:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Weightloss
  • Colic or stomach pain
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

If the aforementioned symptoms occur, it is recommended to go to the attending physician for the relevant review.

Treatments and prevention
As for treatments to counteract cryptosporidiosis, one specific to the type of parasite that has entered the body corresponds.

The prevention models are distinguished in an effective handwashing, and a relevant cleaning of the food to be eaten, especially those that are consumed in raw form such as fruits and vegetables; It is further recommended not to consume half-cooked meats, and boil the tap water or preferably drink the bottled properly treated to drink.

Cryptosporidiosis and AIDS
Cryptosporidiosis for an AIDS patient is a disease of importance, while being such people of a weak immune system can cause major problems that should for the same reason lead a different and more complex treatment. In these patients the symptoms may take many more days to disappear if the treatment is adequate, however, it is important to say that it can be more prolonged and very difficult to treat.

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