Evans syndrome

Evans syndrome is a rare disease considered autoimmune, its name refers to the syndrome described by Evans in 1951. This disease is characterized by the appearance of thrombocytopenia and hemolytic anemia at any stage of the disease.

Being an autoimmune disease the body tries to fight its own defenses, in this case of Evans syndrome the antibodies directly attack the platelets and red blood cells which brings about a considerable decrease in these cells triggering mortal conditions for the body.

When platelets and red blood cells decrease greatly, the blood loses the ability to clot, so if a person with Evans syndrome suffers a wound, they risk bleeding.

Symptoms of Evans syndrome
The symptoms of this syndrome may vary from one patient to another, however, some of the symptoms that are usually observed in people with this disease are bruising of the skin in the case of thrombocytopenia, also other symptoms of anemia such as fatigue, headache, paleness, jaundice.

It is recommended to those who notice some of the symptoms mentioned above to contact their doctor as soon as an early diagnosis can save the patient's life. To check the presence of Evans syndrome, blood tests for platelet count and a coombs test are performed.

Evans syndrome treatment
To treat this syndrome, a strong treatment is prescribed to regulate the red blood cells and platelets of the body, the treatment is composed of steroids such as prednisone, intravenous immunoglobulin, if there are no signs of improvement, splenectomy will be chosen.

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